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Apothaka is passionate about the power of plant-based ingredients and use them to make high quality natural skincare products. We blend all our products in the UK by hand in small batches in order to ensure freshness. Our formulations have been carefully designed by founder, Natasha Dauncey: no pre-made bases are used. Just the best ingredients, selected based on their benefits for your skin type. The inclusion of essential oils not only provides a natural and subtle scent, but more importantly, provides rejuvenating benefits for your skin and your overall well-being.

Face oils are suitable for a wide range of skin types (we plan to introduce more so stay tuned!) and ages. Our normal to combination skin formulation is particularly suitable for skin prone to break outs as it's specifically formulated with non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) ingredients making it stand out from many other face oils on the market.

You will notice a difference with regular use of our products. They will change the way your skin looks and feels and you will enjoy the experience of using them: like bringing a bit of the spa experience into your home.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our products, we would be happy to help.


  • are certified by a cosmetic scientist and fully comply with EU regulations

  • have been carefully and uniquely formulated by Natasha, no pre-made bases are used

  • include only ingredients that provide a clear benefit, with no fillers 

  • are 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients such as silicones, aritificial fragrances, parabens or petroleum-derived (paraffin-based) products

  • are vegan friendly and cruelty free: not tested on animals, tested on friends, family and me!

  • are environmentally responsible: we do not use ingredients that are at conservation risk and our products are responsibly packaged – using recyclable packaging, with the minimum amount of packaging used

  • are carefully packaged in UV filtered amber glass aromatherapy bottles to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and minimise oxidation of the oils

  • are handmade in small batches with care in the UK, ensuring you get the freshest product and best ingredients possible


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